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Grateful Dead July 13, 1976

Orpheum Theatre San Francisco, CA | Listen on archive

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Crazy Fingers
Great drawn out closing jam.
Let It Grow
Gives you blisters on your fingers just listening to it. Great second bit coming after drums. Solid if not somewhat overlooked show.
Dancin' in the Streets
Rare encore position
High Time
Wonderful and warm with a tremendous intro. Fantastic as good as one can imagine.
Crisp and intense Jerry's guitar is piercing and the drums and Bass pounding, Keith is nailing his keys and Donna and Bobby soar vocally. Tremendous !
Might As Well
The whole band firing on all cylinders once again this is a hot show full of deep bass and Donna restrained and in tune tight Jerry licks Wonderful MW
It Must Have Been The Roses
Beautiful the combo of Jerry 's voice ,guitar and Keith's keys Donnas vocals are just gorgeous. How can Phil be so delicate yet shake you at same time
Samson and Delilah
Phil and the drummers are just kicking ass on this feedback laden monster. Delicious and intense.
St. Stephen
Fantastic 1976 era St. Strphen not the Psychedelic monster the 1969 versions were but more of a jammer.
Stella Blue
Just absolutely freaking gorgeous, a masterpiece. Part of a Sugar Magnolia->Stella Blue ->SSDD sandwich. This is such a great show from top to bottom.
Sugar Magnolia
a sweet magnolia daydream, sandwiches a great Stella Blue