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Grateful Dead Nov. 1, 1990

Wembley Arena London, EN | Listen on archive

Users have designated the following versions as heady!
Victim Or The Crime
All Saints Day
Dark Star
Very heady one of the best Hornsby/Vince versions of Dark Star
Wharf Rat
Cool version with the standing on the moon intro attached to the beginning
Throwing Stones
very hot Bruce adds a nice texture to the quieter slowed own portion , Phil is on the whole song some nice guitar from Jerry, and a nice hushed ending
Touch of Grey
Love the way this comes charging out of the chaos of an ipressive Victim or The Crime. Sweet original sequence.
Playin' In The Band
Real nice vesion in london with a nice post space reprise. Bruce and Jerry lock together for some hot playing on this playin'.
Cold Rain and Snow
BRuce is outstanding on this one.
Stander On The Mountain
One of my favorite Bruce tunes. Someone said it could have been his Blow Away. Nonetheless, great closer.
Drums -> Space
Entitled "Silver Apples of the Moon" on Infrared Roses - it's a Bruce and Vince duet that beautifully segues into "Dark Star"