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Grateful Dead Sept. 26, 1973

War Memorial Buffalo, NY | Listen on archive

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Eyes Of The World
with horns
Brown Eyed Women
Sweet and tight. Soulful vocals and - if I'm not wrong - Phil singing harmony (???). A great show from the fall '73 tour.
Playin' In The Band
Eclectic melodicism and mood shifts make this beauty at times sound like outer space, at times like a bossa sunrise on the beach. A '73 gem.
Sing Me Back Home
Forgotten or overlooked, but melts-in-your-mouth sweet. More of a triumphant blues than the gospel beauties from '72.
Garcia really feeling it and one of the few where he mentions the original "Susie"
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
It's possible there are 73-74 versions that don't belong on the list but this is defenitly not one of them.
Here Comes Sunshine
Show opener - the perseverence is what really sells me on this one. A struggle, but a worthy one b/c the spoils are lush. Sneaky great.