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Grateful Dead Jan. 12, 1979

The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA | Listen on archive

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Dancin' in the Streets
Great interplay between Bobby and Jerry. Well jammed out and then the Jerry / Billy solo jam at the end is fabulous. Surprised it is not on the list.
Not Fade Away
Great version, slow powerful into then 14 + jamming minutes from an underrated show. Wish there was a SBD, give it a listen anyway.
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
Out of a great NFA, this Going Down the Road rocks, Weir is strumming chords like a madman and Phil drops a few bombs for good measure, give it a try.
This has some action to it with DJ adding nice backup. Jer throws out some great trills and they catch the groove.
It Must Have Been The Roses
Beautiful Jerry has the listener in the palm of his hand.
Jack Straw
A night after the concensus number one and it's finnally getting exposure. The recording is AUD too. Rhythm guitar and applouse!