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Grateful Dead April 20, 1969

Clark University Worcester, MA | Listen on archive

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Doin' That Rag
Great version
Dark Star
Sparkling beauty of a dark star performed on 4/20 before that meant anything. lol.
Turn On Your Love Light
Wonderful bluesy psychedelic wonder, Pigpen controlling the proceedings, HOT version
Morning Dew
WOnderful Atomic bomb of a Morning Dew, this si terrific 1969 Dews are fantastic, HOT
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Oh my this another fabulous version from this terrific early show, the DS is sublime and its power emeinates thru whole show
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Great early version sung with conviction and clarity, backing has that cool psychedelic circus feel to it.
Mountains of the Moon
Spectacularly gorgeous, this is wonderful Jerry just sings it like a lullaby and the strumming on the acoustic is beautiful.
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Another amazing 1969 Pigpen performance hard to believe he'd be gone in a few short years after this. Heady psychedelic blues
St. Stephen
Another wonderful psychedelic St. Stephen, they knock this one out of the park, very HOT High Green Chilly Winds (W.T. Bridge)
The Eleven
Nice 11 with a proper segue in to Death Don't.