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Grateful Dead Oct. 26, 1971

The Palestra, U. of Rochester Rochester, NY | Listen on archive

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Mexicali Blues
Rip Roarin' from everyone. Jerry's second solo sounds like James Burton attacking a pedal steel
The Other One
coming out of a 7min drums, this one'll leave a smoking crater of yr mind... rest of the show ain't too remarkable, but hot damn!
Ramble On Rose
One of the earliest live versions ever and boy oh boy is Jerry into it. Belts out the lyrics. Quick tempo & a real joy to hear!
Johnny B. Goode
ROCKING version of this great rock n roll classic. Wonderful shredding
This one has an interesting fantastic jam Phil and Jerry are true stand outs.
Tennessee Jed
Jed As Tight Little Pop Song. Tight and snappy, enthusiasm for a new classic.
Playin' In The Band
The shorter versions need love to, and this one hits all the sweet spots.