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Grateful Dead Nov. 14, 1972

Oklahoma City Music Hall Oklahoma City, OK | Listen on archive

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Big River
Country Rock. Played with excitement and flair.
Me and Bobby McGee
sweet as ever, get on it
Sing Me Back Home
Gorgeous the whole sequence of He's Gone->Truckin->O1->SMBH is just breathtakingly powerful only the Dead could pull this much power and emotion off.
Just when it seems like they've decided on O1 as the jam vehicle of choice, they suddenly switch to a great Truckin'.
The Other One
Nice jazziness coming out of Truckin'. Phil hints at a few solo themes he would develop later on, and Jerry shreds before the verse reprise.
So smooth, so warm. 2nd song in the show, and they sound like its late 2nd set. Gem of a show, gem of a song.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
This CC is so sweet and much longer than others of the era before signaling the >IKYR, with lots of room to stretch out and find the sound.
He's Gone
A long, smooth outro allows for a little musical discussion whether it's going to TOO or Truckin'. Great stuff that must have stolen many faces.
Uncle John's Band
Hard rockin' version coming after a deliriously epic 2nd set suite. Crunchy and powerful.
Greatest Story Ever Told
they extend the jam on this one and bring you to the swamp its a killer