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Grateful Dead June 14, 1980

Spokane Coliseum Spokane, WA | Listen on archive

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Ship of Fools
This one has it all, Garcia channels his mid 70's vocal range and dials it in for this soulful creeper. Seek out the Bob Menke FOB (AUD)
Eyes Of The World
Another fast and furious but still jammy and ass kicking 1980 Eyes of the World Jerry and Brent really taking off with Phil laying down some sweet bmb
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
Love the restraint Jerry plays with during the second instrumental break. Very measured and disciplined.
Big Railroad Blues
Brent and Jerry trade smoking solos, then mesh at the final end jam. Choice
Feel Like A Stranger
INCREDIBLY slinky. Excellent action Brent-side on this.
Estimated Prophet
Nice, long middle jam. Outro jam into Eyes is also great. Played well all around. The new Severson FOB Aud sounds incredible. Check it out!