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Grateful Dead April 16, 1984

Community War Memorial Auditorium Rochester, NY | Listen on archive

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Shakedown Street
Funky, filthy & monsterous. Little known b/c it's hard to find good sound of this one. Try neumann's on archive.
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Wnderful high energy extremelly well performed, AMAZIng energy levels. Jerry singing his ass off, twisting and bending notes, Brent's tone is killer
Pretty Peggy O
Excellent clean drum work on this one! Jerry's voice cracking by the end - otherwise sweet and tight one here.
The Other One
Short but raging. Look beyond the length & enjoy for the fire within. Jerry attacks this from the get-go & it's awesome.
West L.A. Fadeaway
A terrific version with those dirty raunchy sounding solos and Jerry is sigining with extraa attention, really ennunciating and giving that little xtr
He's Gone
Long loping intro, signature lines delivered with gusto by Jerry, great outro jam, too!
Jer goes off while the Devils bash the piss out of their cymbals.
Far From Me
Better than you think it will be - strong spirit.