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Grateful Dead March 17, 1988

Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium Oakland, CA | Listen on archive

Users have designated the following versions as heady!
Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
Killer. Matches or bests all the '89 versions I've heard.
Hey Jude Finale
second version nearly 2.5 years after first on St. Patricks day
Black Muddy River
Powerful and emotional a great encore to the St. patrick's day show. Tear jerker version.
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Really hot Fantasy->Jude with Jerry fanning away like a possessed madman, killer version
Drums -> Space
Drums with chanting and a space that noodles but ends with Black Sabbath-esque guitar.. Check it out
Estimated Prophet
Under the radar version from St. Patrick's Day '88. Really loose and shreddy, nice segue into Eyes
Let It Grow
Hot version, Jerry bending all kinds of notes in the end.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
This version has a nice swing to it. Speedy and good energy in the > Rider segue