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Grateful Dead Aug. 22, 1987

Calveras County Fairgrounds Angels Camp, CA | Listen on archive

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Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Besides the fact they played this for the first time since '70, the performance features the unmistakable guitar playing of guest Carlos Santana.
Touch of Grey
Rousing opener full of tons of tasty Phil bombs. Well sung and loads of energy great way to start the show. Leads right into a tight Rooster.
The Other One
Nice stretched out mellow introduction, Jerry just starts going crazy blasting off notes while the rest follow right along Terriffic.
Brother Esau
Another Hot run through of the all to rare 80's Bobby classic.
When Push Comes to Shove
Wonderful take on Push a really excellent version.
Friend of the Devil
Brent is all over this high energy version of FOTD