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Grateful Dead March 23, 1992

The Palace Auburn Hills, MI | Listen on archive

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Morning Dew
highlight of the show
Jack Straw
This Jack Straw ha sone of the most thunderous climax moments of all time. Absolutelu unbelievalbe that it hasn't been mentioned here. I put it top 5
How can the bust-out not be on this list! If you were there, you remember what happened. The freeking HOUSE came down!
Victim Or The Crime
I used to hate this tune it has grown to be one of my favorite later day Bobby numbers
Uncle John's Band
This version has the it factor, the band is in synch and moving as one , Jerry Nails the vocals, the jam is spiraling and intense and the release A+
The Music Never Stopped
Truly proves there was some magic on every tour. The outro jam is unreal hot, with Jerry, Vince, and Bruce battling it out. Crazy stuff here!
West L.A. Fadeaway
Best of ‘92. Whole show kicks ass.
Crazy Fingers
Best one with Bruce period. Phil leads the outro and drops bombs.
All Along the Watchtower
Is there such a thing as a mellow Watchtower? This might be it. Goes into a great Dew