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Grateful Dead March 2, 1992

The Omni Atlanta, GA | Listen on archive

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Drums -> Space
Jackhammer drums
Cold Rain and Snow
THis is on point you knew from the get go the boys were bringing something extra on this night. All the little added exta effort, Hot
Brown Eyed Women
Jerry beautifully plucking notes and jitting the lyrics stong an excellent version with Jer in full charge
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Scorcher to open set 2, blistering guitar from Jerry, The segue is Fantastic and full of Jerry, very Heady version
Terrapin Station
This is one of the really good ones Powerful and possibly one of the years best if not the best, Excellent spiraling jam
Heavy calypso rhythms & monstrous punctuation via The Beast make for an epic Drums out of Terrapin. 5 star stuff.