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Grateful Dead March 28, 1986

Cumberland County Civic Center Portland, ME | Listen on archive

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Playin' In The Band
Triple decker Playin Sandwich Playin>Franklin's->Miracle->Playin->D/S->Wheel->Mr Fantasy->Playin Reprise Fantastic heady stuff right here! Worth it!!!
Never Trust A Woman
Early verso, Brent sure had a troubled relationship, he sounds like Eminem at times wen discussing his wife/exwife.
Franklin's Tower
Short but incredibly fast version comes flying out of playing at 100 MPH.
I Need A Miracle
Bobby blows a line but you wont care rip roaring raunchy rock n roll with loads of Jerry and Phil. Fatman rocks era and he sure does here. HOT!
Box of Rain
Box of Maine - very kind....they are on point after some workouts in Hampton and Philly. Everyone in fine fettle here.
Eyes Of The World
Eyes in Vacationland - fitting if you've ever visited. Well played fast without losing focus.
Smooth and soothing sweet tones and hits the high peaks nicely. Outro is well jammed.