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Grateful Dead Sept. 15, 1972

Boston Music Hall Boston, MA | Listen on archive

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Playin' In The Band
Real nice and exploratory this one goes to deep space nice and heady improvisation on this beauty.
The Other One
weir and garcia are having a blast chasing each other around on this marvelous improvisational journey. Tiger pops its head up a couple of times
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Check out the power on this one. Bobby even rips a cool solo. Jerry just thrashes the segue an amazing pairing.
11+ minutes of pure goodness leads into a nice Billy Drum solo and then an amazing the other one. a snbd of only this sequence is available on archive
Friend of the Devil
Absolutely beautifully sung version Bobby matching Jerry every step of the way.
Bird Song
Set 2 version and one of the all-time Best Bird songs, spacey jazzy just an amazing journey. Jerry is at the top of his game.
Sugar Magnolia
EXTREMELLY HOT version, screaming bobby and shredding Jerry this is incredible, A great show all around
Tennessee Jed
Crisp soloing and clear, limpid lines from the inexhaustible well of musical ideas here. Jed has never been my top song, but Jer just sparkles here.
Black Throated Wind
This starts with understated, almost hesitant steps, then builds into a towering emotional rage. Its arc fits its words. Great stuff.
El Paso
Sweet master class on background soloing with Jerry's lickety-split runaway desperado fretwork backing Bobby up.
Jack Straw
In spite of some tuning problems, this one cooks. This whole set showcases Jerry's fast frets. Great stuff.
He's Gone
Kicking off a killer 2nd set, with a beautiful outro and a smooth smooth jam.
Ramble On Rose
Jerry's vocals are rarely stronger. At one point he's growling it out like he's spittin' nails.