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Grateful Dead Jan. 5, 1979

The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA | Listen on archive

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Nobody's Fault But Mine
Bob + Jer CRUSH this. If you grew up with auds you'll dig it- forget vocals Blind Jerry's mic is blown after the 1st line.
Eyes Of The World
Upbeat tempo with JG's focused, clear thoughts delivered thru 6 strings. This a beaut and I'd like to hear the sbd.
Stagger Lee
It's the jam before Stagger Lee gets shot in the balls that defines this one. Check out this aud. Great Ace slide all show!
Mexicali Blues
Jerry's doing some serious pickin'.
Estimated Prophet
Another strong one, with a intricate and seamless handoff to Eyes
New Minglewood Blues
Some say the slide guitar is crazy, some say it ain’t