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Grateful Dead Oct. 2, 1976

Riverfront Arena Cincinnati, OH | Listen on archive

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Dancin' in the Streets
Dancin->Drums->The Other One is truly a great sequence for the Bobby fans out there. Really cool interesting stuff.
Row Jimmy
This song is the golden warmth of a summer evening. This one is slow, warm perfection
Stella Blue
Brown Eyed Women
Overlooked show probably due to the middle AUD quality, but listen here and you get pure Jerry perfection, plus a possible explosion on stage.
The Music Never Stopped
MLB makes a mini-return 4 minutes in when Jerry pulls Phil out of the song for some fun. MLB is the origin of TMNS. Here they are together.
The Other One
Rare for '76, it starts a bit rough, but then finds its gear and blasts off. It sounds a bit like a mid-80s version to this head.