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Grateful Dead Aug. 15, 1987

Town Park Telluride, CO | Listen on archive

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Desolation Row
Very high energy Desolation Row. Bobby might have hurt himself on this one.
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Fast paced so they get a lot of jamming in over a relatively short Scarlet Fire. Jerry realy is scorching during a very hot Fire.
Morning Dew
Emerges from Bertha an interesting n possibly unique combo, The dew is powerful full of JErry shredding and singing with loads of passion
Feel Like A Stranger
Really a smoking hot set one opener. Gets the show off to a funky booging start flows into an equally hot franklin's tower
Franklin's Tower
Short but has a $#!+ load of swing to it. Pace is also Fast. Brent adds some terrific keys but Jerry is blazing here Rock style licks.
Eyes Of The World
A little slower than many from the period, still faster than some, still short, great for fast short Phil and Brent really stand out on this version.
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Definitive. Perfect interplay between Brent and Jerry.