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Grateful Dead June 5, 1970

Fillmore West San Francisco, CA | Listen on archive

Users have designated the following versions as heady!
St. Stephen
Strong St. Stephen into Casey to close the show with force..."What would be the answer to the answer man? Drivin that train"
Casey Jones
Out of St Stephen to close the show...sweet stuff when combined
The Other One
A great That's It For The Other One->Attics Of My Life!
Black Peter
Acoustic, perfect
I Know You Rider
Excellent stand-alone version, Jerry plays and sings a perfect tempo. Beautiful version, ethereal to say the least.
Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Wonderful version, should have never left the rotation delicious heady early dead
Cryptical Envelopment
Wonderful psychedelic journey, fantastic look at 1970 transitional dead. Great stuff
It's A Man's World
Nice and long and smoking hot version brings the roof down.
Easy Wind
Wonderfully relaxed show with a ton of band crowd interaction, this is fabulous stuff, oh to have been there.
Hard to Handle
Such a relaxed smoking informal show, the crowd and band are interacting throughout and the music is magical
Dire Wolf
For teir acoustical set of the evening the Grateful Dead and they launch into this wonderful version of Dire Wolf
Attics of My Life
Nice early Attics of My Life this is some really great stuff right here.
Uncle John's Band
Love the early UJB with that same clacking percussion sound from the album, this is great love the early ones.
Friend of the Devil
Pure and perfect. Fans of '70 will already love it. Those discovering the acoustic Dead, here it is. Wow.
New Speedway Boogie
With the exception of the unfortunate tape flip, this is a pristine acoustic version. Jerry has the vox of an angel here.
Cold Rain and Snow
Like everything from this epic heady show, the boys are just exactly perfect. The vocals are so on. Jerry sounds great.
Mama Tried
Want to here the '70 sound, the closeness, the transition from psychedlicore to country to arena rock? Here it is in all its chaotic beauty.
Me and My Uncle
Great acoustic version