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Grateful Dead July 4, 1986

Rich Stadium Orchard Park, NY | Listen on archive

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Jack Straw
The first notes of "Live Dead" that ever graced my ears...been dancin' ever since.
Cold Rain and Snow
Cold Rain ->Fire, great 2nd set opener, check out the YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQq5Qq3AQCw the pre-feed for Farm Aid.
Fire On The Mountain
Fast, punchy version out of Cold Rain & Snow to start Set 2. Intercepted video feed shows everybody getting off. Howling solos.
Gimme Some Lovin'
Brent and phil having a blast and playing and singing their asses off! The Hammond gets an extensive workout from Brent on this absolutely fun time!
Uncle John's Band
Brent makes the ending perfect.
I Need A Miracle
Not a big fan of this song usually, but this one's hot. On the 4th of july, short, sweet, everybody's into it. Comin' out of The Wheel and into UJB.
Drums -> Space
High energy drums out of UJB into a completely mind burning space at Farm Aid.