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Grateful Dead Oct. 25, 1973

Dane County Coliseum Madison, WI | Listen on archive

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Dark Star
A beautiful MLB jam followed by some of the freakest DS space you'll ever hear. Careful around this one...
Playin' In The Band
Tight, jazzy and a little freaky too. An underappreciated highlight of a great show.
Eyes Of The World
Spicy stuff. All of the October '73 Eyes are just dynamite.
Weather Report Suite
An AMAZINGLY HOT, A++ version, with a neat repirse of the prelude at the end. This is seriously one of my VERY favorites, folks!!!!!
Stella Blue
Sweet and subtle: A beautiful come down after the muscular peak Eyes - but the set isn't done and they ramp it up again for more. A gem of a show.
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
Exhuberent and triumphant. Closes out one hellofa 2nd set and kicks like a rocket.
Let It Grow
Been listening to this every chance I can all week. The band's so tight, Bobby's singing passionate and precise, Jer's musicality soaring. Amazing.
Here Comes Sunshine
Very nice version from a killer show
Jerry plays the solo with conviction
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Great stuff here. From a monster show, this is a really strong china < rider. One of the best of the era imho
Tennessee Jed
Hopping here! Not always a vehicle for jamming and its kind of a mundane tune, but the jamming near the end of this one fucking rocks my balls.
Black Throated Wind
This is one of the best BTWs I've ever heard! It's 73 Perfect!
Me and My Uncle
Bobby vocal flubs and hot Jerry guitar fills.. good old Grateful Dead