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Grateful Dead April 7, 1988

The Centrum Worcester, MA | Listen on archive

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Around and Around
BigR&R>Around to close the 1st set!!!!!!!
Big Railroad Blues
Towards the end of Jerry's last solo he rips into a second go around - blazing!
Scarlet Begonias
A straight ahead stand alone rocker. Sweet SM->Scarlet->Estimated sequence. Full band effort.
Franklin's Tower
Another Hot stand alone Franklin's. They tried the Touch Stranger Franklins a few times in 1988. Each one worth a listen, High energy
Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
Bobby all emotive all over this one while the band blasts away....
Estimated Prophet
Jerry' starts Hangn' Ten at 3:45 and then the beatdown starts at arnd 4:10. This one broke some jaws...