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Grateful Dead - The Wheel

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead The Wheel.

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If there's another Wheel like this one, I haven't heard it. Unique loaded w/dynamics and little Bill/Mickey shuffles. Goes back>PitB...in the 1st set!
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A thin slice of sublime cheese in an earwateringly delicious sandwich: EP>Eyes>Playin'>Wheel>Playin' Reprise.
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If I had to explain what an intense trip is like, I would condense it into this Space->Wheel combo.
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Wheel > JAM. Really unique and creative version. Good work by Keith to push the envelope in the transition portion. Whole set is top shelf
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Nice DP 20 here. The Playin' opener isn't quite epic, but this wheel is! Jerry starts with a cool little riff that just gets this perfect wheel goin