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on the bus



El Paso
Dec. 14, 1971
Hill Auditorium

Bouncy and joyful. Good fun.
One More Saturday Night
Dec. 6, 1971
Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden

Keith plunking away, Bobby screaming, high energy guitars all cap off a great show!
Greatest Story Ever Told
Sept. 24, 1972
Palace Theatre

Bouncy, Phil-ful opener to great second set thta features one of best Dark Stars ever
July 12, 1989
RFK Stadium

Trippy extended jam by Jerry.
Estimated Prophet
July 12, 1989
RFK Stadium

Great version. Bob is really enjoying himself on this one.


Friend of the Devil
June 17, 1976
Capitol Theater

Gorgeous and mellow. That liquidy Jerry guitar melts me.
Easy To Love You
March 28, 1990
Nassau Coliseum

^parrott56 put it perfectly. this one really reached out and got me, though it never really has before. simple, sweet and heartfelt. brent really strong in this show so far...
Turn On Your Love Light
Sept. 10, 1991
Madison Square Garden

^...nice choices beatboy! those guys all had a real "walkin' the bar" soulful and raunchy sound that would go great with some Pig! I'd add to that Jimmy Forrest, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Willis "Gator Jackson...
Two Souls in Communion
March 26, 1972
Academy of Music

every time i hear this show it's better and better; goes from really good to great to exceptional, not the least of the reasons being the strength of the "smaller" songs (this one, you win again, greatest story, looks like rain, etc.)- also the killer jams (especially that truckin'!)
You Win Again
March 26, 1972
Academy of Music

I love when Jerry really gets into his vocals. So much fun.