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Free Spirit



Stella Blue
Aug. 25, 1972
Berkeley Community Theatre

A brand new Stella Blue that was lost and is now found, Dave's Picks 24 is here, and it's a great one...
Let It Grow
June 15, 1976
Beacon Theatre

Super Sweet Version From an Amazing Show!!
Big River
Sept. 11, 1982
West Palm Beach Auditorium

This is a BIG OL RIVER! This whole show is so special, and totally 'under the radar'...Check it out, and hold on tight!!!
Let It Grow
Sept. 11, 1983
Downs of Santa Fe

I know it's cliche' but it's fucking insane that this version hasn't been listed yet! It's balls out heady
Save the Whales
Feb. 9, 1969
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Definitly the best one! The 1st 2 hours are a little plodding, but once the acid kicked in, it was smoooth sailing!


The Other One
Aug. 25, 1972
Berkeley Community Theatre

Dave's 24 is here....
Foolish Heart
June 22, 1991
Soldier Field

I'm a big Foolish Heart junkie and I gotta say it, this FH is just plain weak...The main solo is like they're sleepy and the end jam isn't much better..I'm gonna go and listen to 7/19/89 Alpine valley and The Omni 4/3/91
Pretty Peggy O
April 10, 1978
Fox Theatre

I can't believe this Peggy O wasn't already listed, talk about slipping through the cracks, this has been a fav of mine for years....
April 11, 1972
Newcastle City Hall

Like the others have said, this is a perfect version, Jerry is adding little licks between the vocal the whole time, Phil's voice is in it's high harmony prime, and the outro jam is stunning, just chunky as heck...
Save the Whales
Feb. 9, 1969
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Yeah, it is very hard to find, but once you do, you'll never remember, then always forget...Good Luck...