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U.S. Blues (Wave That Flag)
April 26, 1983
The Spectrum

Mega Kick Ass-O-Rama
Sept. 28, 1972
Stanley Theatre

Phil jams with the RD's > TOO
Around and Around
Nov. 19, 1972
Hofheinz Pavilion

Band is peaking and sparks are flying.
Nov. 14, 1971
Texas Christian University

Bobby shines all over this premo cut.
Jack Straw
Nov. 14, 1971
Texas Christian University

More country tones and bendy bends...


Dark Star
Feb. 8, 1970
Fillmore West

Sounds UJB/Feelin Groovish at the tail end. Brings to mind the DS a few nights later which in my opinion ranks as the all time greatest. I am sure Crow knows 2/13/70 but anyone else who has not had the pleasure of hearing it -stop, drop and listen.
Morning Dew
Nov. 8, 1979
Capitol Center

Massive Phil crushing boulders while this version lurches all over the place Jer with a strong effort after over a year for the whip out and he muscles it out for the ending....hmmm
Shakedown Street
Dec. 31, 1984
SF Civic

Great jam check 83/84 strong years for funkadunks. listened to this one on a simulcast on wmmr in high school and dreamed of going to a NYE show...
Dark Star
Aug. 21, 1968
Fillmore West

already been here - love it - hookah bar in the space station background music.
Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodeloo
Dec. 11, 1972
Winterland Arena

Yup Grendel - I agree this one is more developed and overall better - while back at the Berkeley show they definitely slam into the Rio chorus jarringly I still like Jer's lines on the ride out there with his holding notes over Keith's play. Wow after listening to this one a 3rd time this outro is just sooo friggin' smooth and pretty -- As I mentioned, I have come to prefer these '72's generally vs the fanning style of the later years. As stated above, this one's hidden gem to my ears as well.