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Aging Bear



Dec. 12, 1973
Omni Coliseum

In a week of very good Deals, this one struts its stuff. Fine and full of fun, listen to Jerry shine.
How Long Blues
July 12, 1970
Fillmore East

You need the Sir Mick source on IA as some of the shows seem to be the night before. Muddy sound but a good version of the few times this song was pla
Monkey and the Engineer
June 4, 1970
Fillmore West

Happy sing-along start to Thursday night mellowness at the Winterland.
Nov. 17, 1971
Albuquerque Civic Auditorium

IMO you can always tell the headiness of a show by how much love and care and attention goes into songs like Deal &This is one is right on point
U.S. Blues (Wave That Flag)
May 17, 1974
P.N.E. Coliseum

Classic,bouncy good time opener for this WOS show to start set 2. Great Jerry solo,but listen for Keith too.


Sept. 20, 1970
Fillmore East

Whoa there, a Truckin' that lives up to its name. Just like the DooDah Man, this acoustic version just lopes along, perfectly sung in a show with some of the best singing I've heard from the band. NRPS members pop up in the mix. Very different from those wonderful 1973-74 extended jammed out versions. This song just trucks along,more or less in line. JOY!
Monkey and the Engineer
Dec. 26, 1969
McFarlin Auditorium, SMU

minutes of joy. Best Bobby vocals ever, sweet and just exactly perfect!
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Aug. 5, 1974
Philadelphia Civic Arena

Were they late for something?!? The boys really tear through this ,but direct and sharp and absolutely on point. Precision and inventive. One of the best.
Dec. 10, 1973
Charlotte Coliseum

One of the top 5 from 1973. A "4 Aces" Deal.
Cryptical Envelopment
Oct. 22, 1967

Also, Bobby sings very different lyrics in The Other One.