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Aging Bear



Ship of Fools
July 14, 1976
Orpheum Theatre

Sweet Jerry vocals. A delicate ship setting sail into the post 1974 seas. Good harmonies from Bob and Donna. An overlooked show from an overlooked yea
Aug. 5, 1974
Philadelphia Civic Arena

One of best of 1974. Tight, Jerry inventive and confident, good soloing. Everything a Deal should be. Give it a listen.
Johnny B. Goode
May 5, 1977
New Haven Coliseum

Nice Keith solo at the end to end a superb show from start to end.
Row Jimmy
May 12, 1974
University of Nevada

Comes out of a MLB jam, a big fat mellow groove sets out what is one of those weeks of really good versions.
Oct. 12, 1968
Avalon Ballroom

Feedback( but where else to put it?) Almost tuneful,very focused. A great show.


The Other One
Nov. 17, 1972
Century II Convention Hall

This deserves to be so much higher. Jazz rock genius, Mr Keith Godchaux! With the DP's mix listen to his playing, not just on this but Truckin', He's Gone. Go run and see.!
Sept. 3, 1967
Dance Hall

Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

Keith's piano-thanks ,Man. Good to know that I'm not the only one who does stuff like that! I've done this sort of thing with Deal,Alligator,Cosmic Charlie,St Stephen. comparing early with later and so on. What better way to pass the time? P.s absolutely great show. Go listen to the first ever Terrapin Station which they open with!
Hurts Me Too
May 31, 1969
McArthur Court, University of Oregon

Where has the Archive version gone? No copies to be found. Drat!
Mountains of the Moon
March 1, 1969
Fillmore West

There are some little runs of GD shows in certain years where some songs or combinations are just exactly perfect. And for me this Feb-March 2 69 run is the case in point for Dupree's diamond Blues> Mountains of the Moon. Also for the St Stephen>the Eleven as well.