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Blob Weird



Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
June 17, 1976
Capitol Theater

Crazy good show from a crazy good month...great slipknot & they ain't done after franklin's...right into sick stealthy dancin
Brokedown Palace
June 21, 1980
West High Auditorium

Surprised this ones not already here, as this show is a gem. Alaska on the longest day of the year, and a beautiful way to send the fans into the lite
Tennessee Jed
Dec. 16, 1978
Nashville Municipal Auditorium

Tenn Jed #2 for Nashville in '78, first being 4/22. Which is better? You decide. This one is hard to top tho.
Row Jimmy
Aug. 4, 1976
Roosevelt Stadium

I've posted my share of '76ers here, yet somehow not this one, a go-to version for me. Amazing vid on YT, also. Super Phil-heavy
Shakedown Street
Dec. 13, 1980
Long Beach Arena

Holy smokes


High Time
Dec. 29, 1968
Gulfstream Park Race Track

Musta gotten the date switched...12/28/69
Friend of the Devil
May 15, 1970
Fillmore East (Late Show)

That's fantastic. Seriously, are there any contemporaries that can come even close to the Dead when it comes to drawing emotions out of listeners? I highly doubt it. Nothin like 'em.
Dark Star
May 25, 1972
Strand Lyceum

I'd say go there indirectly, and experience this greatest of all jam sets in its entirety.
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Dec. 16, 1978
Nashville Municipal Auditorium

Zoiks! Goosebump-inducing finish here, too. Watch out
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Dec. 16, 1978
Nashville Municipal Auditorium

This one is a rip-roarer, for sure. Transition and beginning of Fire on the Mountain just sits right in the gooey-goodness place no "rock" bands have ever found. And to start the second set? Damn. Totally second everything AMDew says. ONLY the Dead can rip, shred, grind, AND jam at the same time with such dexterity. It is all that all the time, and it's mystifying ( to me at least)