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One Eye



Casey Jones
Nov. 20, 1973
Denver Coliseum

You need to listen to this one!
Sing Me Back Home
Aug. 24, 1972
Berkeley Community Theatre

Awesome version - Donna's harmonies sound like a gospel choir. Love It !
Ramble On Rose
Aug. 24, 1972
Berkeley Community Theatre

Vocal forward - Well played, "Good Bye Mama and Papa!"
Aug. 20, 1972
San Jose Civic Auditorium

Nice version into the other one, Phil is on!
One More Saturday Night
Nov. 15, 1971
The Austin Municipal Auditorium

Set one closer with high energy and Phil's bass high in the mix - awesome!


June 14, 1968
Fillmore East

Hands down! This is the best version. What I wouldn't give to hear this whole show in SBD quality. I only hope that Dave can find the rest of this somewhere
Viola Lee Blues
Dec. 1, 1966
Studio demo

This was the Matrix Club - not a studio demo - the version is awesome and really hinted at where they took this in 1967 and IMHO the best year for Viola Lee
The Other One
Nov. 1, 1968
Silver Dollar Fair

Amazing guitar work by Garcia. Frenetic, intense, primal.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
March 16, 1973
Nassau Coliseum

Exciting and well played. I agree with the other comment. This has to be the most underrated version. I should be ranked in the top 10 for sure.
Morning Dew
Aug. 24, 1972
Berkeley Community Theatre

Tremendous combo of Dark Star into Dew. The transition gives me chills and the dynamic range from whisper to thundering crescendo is just wonderful. This is a Dew for the ages.