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Not Fade Away
Feb. 13, 1970
Fillmore East

Incredibly energetic version, Bobby is at his best on this one. This was from a Fillmore East show, how could it not have been submited.


Wharf Rat
May 25, 1977
The Mosque

Bobby was laying down some nice, interesting, rhythm work on this one. The vocals are all spot on, as are so many of the 76 & 77 WRs. This deserves a higher spot.
Wharf Rat
June 17, 1976
Capitol Theater

Jerry sets the tone of the song with a heartfelt lead guitar declaration, then bookends the piece with an ending solo that wraps up the sentiment of the song. His singing is equally emotional and Bobby and Donna's harmonies are as good as any that I've heard. It's interesting that this was at the Capital theater where the much lauded 1971 version was preformed. This is probably a better version, but the Dark Star sandwich with the beautiful jam have garnered a lot more attention. Both great for different reasons. This one should be right up there.
June 7, 1977
Winterland Arena

This is great example of the 77 Dead. Crisp playing, spot on harmonies and a good mix. Jerry's playing and vocals are top notch.
Feb. 24, 1974
Winterland Arena

Not the best mix, Billy's drums are just a little to loud and Bobby's guitar is almost inaudible, But, holy fuck, that solo!
May 1, 1970
Alfred College

The boys are joined by a few New Riders members on this one. I think that's one of those guys playing lead guitar, it doesn't sound like Jerry, very tasty country twang. Otherwise, it's all acoustic. This is a superb version of Candyman.