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Uncle John's Band
Oct. 9, 1989
Hampton Coliseum

WHAT? Uncle John's from Hampton 89 Not Listed Yet?
Never Trust A Woman
Aug. 4, 1989
Cal Expo

Nice Version


Let It Grow
Nov. 4, 1977
Cotterell Gym - Colgate University

This is indeed an excellent let it grow, but there's no way you can say LIG 'peaked' in 77, I mean there are so many versions all the way into the 90s that are just sublime, I mean the without a net version alone is just fucking insane, but yes this is a primo let it grow...
Samson and Delilah
Nov. 5, 1977
Community War Memorial Auditorium

Children of Earth, listen to this Samson & Delilah and rejoice....
Not Fade Away
July 4, 1989
Rich Stadium

Ummm...Listen, I love this show big time, one of the best shows of 89, BUT this version of NFA shouldn't be anywhere close to the top, I mean ahead of so so many versions from the 70s? Sorry but NO...the NFAs from literally a hundred shows from the 60s and 70s listed below this, should be above this....
Dec. 31, 1987
Oakland Coliseum Arena

My friends, hear this declaration...This is the best Bertha Ever, or at least in a 5 or 10 way tie for 1st...
May 19, 1974
Portland Memorial Coliseum

The Truckin 'Jam' that comprises the last 10 or so minutes is among the greatest artistic moments in the entire history of music, and this is not just one man's opinion, this is a fact, it's been widely known across not only Earth, but the multiple alien races that have been observing and monitoring our planet for almost 3 million years at the most so far. They are very interested in our creative culture and at least two alien 'beings' have imparted to their 'people' that the band from this planet call the Grateful Dead were unusually adept in channeling pure energy in an almost instantaneous transaction. Fortunately they figured this out very early on, and by 1968 began recording each and every Grateful Dead concert with an audio and video technology that is what we call HD times 10, with hundreds of cameras that are nearly microscopic and at some point in the future will be released to the people of earth, along with the same type and quality of video of every aspect of life as it has evolved for the last 3 million years, including wars, and every possible thing you can possibly imagine that has led to life as we know it today...I really hope they release these videos before I die, and I must add that they were filmed in a way that is hundreds of times more advanced than what we consider 'virtual reality' to be today, so viewing a Grateful Dead concert from 1970, will be just like you were there in person, from the vantage point of the hundreds of cameras placed by the alien beings for each concert, but it's not just the Grateful dead, they filmed EVERYTHING, that happened, ancient Roman gladiator battles, actual Shakespearean original stage productions, etc, it's ALL recorded, but just for me, personally, I can't wait to revisit the Grateful Dead shows from 69, 70, 71-74, and so on, along with a giant handful of other shows from other bands/artists... and I must admit that I will probably hit the button to witness a Roman coliseum gladiator battle or two as well...