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No cholesterol.



July 12, 1976
Orpheum Theater

Spare, almost vulnerable take on this classic. Godchaux brings the church and Garcia brings the stained glass. An American beauty.
Estimated Prophet
Jan. 30, 1978
Uptown Theater

You can hear the swagger in their mutterings before they play. And the performance bears that out. Sure, smooth, and effortless.
It Must Have Been The Roses
Aug. 4, 1974
Philadelphia Civic Center

Letter perfect - the Godchauxs take this to a loftier level. Beautiful dynamic push-and-pull by the whole group.
Tennessee Jed
May 25, 1972
Strand Lyceum

Planting the Flag of Civilization on this tight scorcher. New from factory - Inspector #9. Under penalty of law, this tag may not be YEAH GARCIA!
Jan. 31, 1978
Uptown Theater

Dreamy, motionless rendition on a sea of individual human reactions [audience tape]. A wonderful time for this gem.


Tennessee Jed
Dec. 9, 1971
Fox Theatre

Very springy, early TJ - Godchaux is a major difference maker. His piano adds body and warmth to an otherwise wiry performance. And I say "wiry" as a positive.
Dark Star
Oct. 11, 1970
Action House

Agree w/Carrion: get past the sorta dodgy recording - (1) there are far worse; (2) this Dark Star is wide-screen. Yet another deep, dark, space age 1970 Dark Star. Super worth your time unless you just can't deal with less than crystal clear recordings (which I understand). To me, the audience lends some sense of what it was like to be there. That's irreplaceable. Wouldn't mean much if it weren't a major Dark Star. It is.
The Other One
March 3, 1971
Fillmore West

A huge fan of '71 Other Ones - and this one is a really good example. To me, it's definitely '71 in spirit, although maybe this performance carries a little bit of the '70 wildness into the proceedings. With just Kreutzmann at the helm, the group is steered into a cleaner, spacier, more jazzbo feel. I've read that they were way more into playing Other One at this point than Dark Star b/c O1 propelled them into different territory - territory they were excited about exploring. Here, Garcia, in particular, seems very happy to ride the wave and let it push/pull him into all sorts of grey, intimate places. And I love the chimey stuff @ 7:30 - Weir playing behind the nut? Almost TC/Lagin-esque. Very large version. Thanks for the rec!
Tennessee Jed
April 22, 1978
Nashville Municipal Auditorium

From the start, you can definitely hear the loving attention to storytelling in Garcia's vocal. Also: this version has a lovely bounce in its step. Playful - like the 1/22/78 version (also a fave).
Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

Dave's Picks definitely thrust this one into the sunlight - and it thrives. I dig the May 77 Sugarees, but this one, being a bit shorter, is tighter and more focused than many of those. Sort of a 1976 focus. I, too, overlooked this one, but it's a mighty Sugaree that deserves its place in the canon.