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No cholesterol.



Brown Eyed Women
May 20, 1973

A giggly, slangy Garcia masterpiece (in sweet show sauce). Goes down EZ.
Mexicali Blues
Feb. 28, 1973
Salt Palace

So good you can practically see the border town.
Me and My Uncle
Nov. 17, 1971
Albuquerque Civic Auditorium

Two things: (1) the middle of a searing Other One > MAMU > Other One fest and (2) Garcia loses his mind (or mine) at the end of the solo.
Cryptical Envelopment
Nov. 17, 1971
Albuquerque Civic Auditorium

Drop dead gorgeous, lithe, and restaurant quality perfect.
May 1, 1980
Greensboro Coliseum

Clear To Hell - Hear how a luscious Candyman absorbs a crowd in NC.


Dark Star
May 15, 1970
Fillmore East (Late Show)

Brutalist cityscape. Classic version that has everything you need for your vacation plans. May not hit quite the telepathic heights of 2/13, but that's sorta nitpicking. Actually, a great bridge Dark Star between two favorites in 1970: 2/13 and 9/19. Bingo.
Wharf Rat
March 21, 1972
Academy of Music

Because this one is a little rough around the edges at times, it might be EZ to forget the emotional punch it packs. Garcia's singing and guitar are almost melodramatic (in a good way). The roughness just adds to the sense memory.
The Other One
March 21, 1972
Academy of Music

Adapting the beautiful, spacious Other Ones of '71 to a changing '72 terrain. Garcia's wah is just one signpost. Rewards listening and not listening.
The Other One
Feb. 5, 1969
Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Auditorium

I want to thank 007 for saying all probably that needs to be said in describing this scorcher. I also want to thank DarkStar67 for his or her enterprising use of the semi-colon. Talk about bad-ass.
The Other One
Oct. 22, 1971
Auditorium Theatre

Look at you, you sprawling gem: hiding in plain sight on Dave's Picks. They go into so many strange rooms in the funhouse and dart back out again into a hallway of social responsibility. Optimum Grade.