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No cholesterol.



St. Stephen
Dec. 29, 1969
Boston Tea Party

The peak is like a merry-go-round spinning out of and back into control and then, albeit briefly, out and in of control again.
July 31, 1971
Yale Bowl, Yale University

Garcia crushes the guitar break and everything else.
April 1, 1980
Capitol Theatre

Warm, gooey, and dynamic.
Jack Straw
July 22, 1972
Paramount Northwest Theatre

Casually Regal - An Eatery
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Feb. 21, 1971
Capitol Theater

Crackling with energy. Tight as a single drummer.


Uncle John's Band
June 5, 1970
Fillmore West

I love that is an electric version that has the cozy subtle dynamics of an acoustic version. Kinda best of both worlds. At about 3:00 the ride hits double time, which is the song's first blossoming. Eventually, they dig into the coda and all ends quite well thank you.
The Other One
March 28, 1969
Student Center

Garcia's spitting out sparks like a novelty, wind-up nun. Lots of swampy phrases abound. This one's mostly balls out straight forward into the darkness. And then there will be near-silence. And then back up to speed in seconds. Well played, boyz.
Big River
Sept. 23, 1972
Palace Theater

As the show opener, it seems more deliberate than usual, but this gives it some serious backbone. And Garcia wrecks the joint. Weir's guitar sounds garage. Ace!
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Oct. 2, 1977
Paramount Theatre

I had to force myself to wait to write this until I was significantly through Fire. I would merely have commented on Garcia's clutch guitar break and an energy nearly as breathless as Scarlet 770508. And that's toodles the great right there. But that would have missed the transcendent transition transmission. Transcmension. And the heavy (yes, disgruntledgo) Fire with Garcia continuing the MuTron floor demos to rich, gooey effect.
Bird Song
Aug. 24, 1972
Berkeley Community Theatre

That this crystalline version is the same or below a version from '93 is mind-numbing, but Weir chops/comps changes like he's spitting celery seed. Garcia, given a proper proscenium, commences to narrate.