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Cumberland Blues
Dec. 13, 1969
Swing Auditorium

A cozy little delight - hand percussion, contemplation, great stereo drums, and some rip roaring riffage. Comes in under the radar, but worth a visit.
June 18, 1976
Capitol Theatre

As much as I love May 77 Sugarees, Spring 76 is where it's at for me. Subtlety, separation, and Garcia's whispery, silver-dipped guitar breaks.
April 19, 1978
Veterans Memorial Auditorium

1978: Prime weather for Candyman. This performance, like many from then, highlights the bleak world of the narrator. Garcia's break: spidery.
Tennessee Jed
Oct. 29, 1971
Allen Theatre

Bubbly, bratty storyboard version. Character & twang for miles. I'd pay to see this band. Two for a tenner? Four please.
Terrapin Station
April 27, 1977
Capitol Theatre

This is a very sweet Terrapin. Everyone's fired up to play it. All you need to do is watch the vid to see the pure joy this brings Garcia. Memorable.


Estimated Prophet
Nov. 2, 1977
Field House - Seneca College

darkstar67: I could not agree more. Estimated outros [especially in '77] are a real highlight for me. I especially love them when you can hear some of the room/building itself. To be there then, Garcia's guitar must have seemed like an alien invasion. A very tuneful alien invasion.
Eyes Of The World
March 22, 1973
Utica Memorial Auditorium

Breathy, sleepy float into the proceedings. Silky. Garcia just skates like the Ice Princess - of course, he's been just completely flying for over 30 minutes straight going into this song. It's win-win.
Tennessee Jed
April 22, 1977
The Spectrum

Rollicking, spring-in-its-step TJ with Godchaux really setting the table. Great guitar interplay during the break - and Garcia can't be stopped. He ascends.
Estimated Prophet
Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

What's not to like about this freshie? Not a fully fully formed vehicle yet, but more than just a case of nice bones. I think Garcia and Godchaux are going through the same envelope filter (might even been a filter in Godchaux's set up). The good people of MuTron fixed that soon enough, but it sounds really cool just the way it is.
The Wheel
Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

Like an 18-wheeler performing a triple axel. The entry point is downright rude -- like Garcia has just decided WHEEL NOW! There are a smattering of better Wheels out there, I know, but this one has absolutely its own excitement and energy. Unique and memorable. And yes: context means something.