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always dosed



Mexicali Blues
Sept. 27, 1972
Stanley Theatre

Quick & spirited. DP11. Great show all around


Eyes Of The World
Sept. 3, 1977
Raceway Park

This is probably the only eyes in the top 3 of this site that makes my personal top 3. Everything about this one is exactly perfect- the melodies are just pouring out and Jerry's phrasing is so, so creative. I also find that this one has the others beat in terms of just flowing as a complete song. Can't decide between this one and 11/30/73 as my all time favorite, but that's besides the point.
Eyes Of The World
June 9, 1976
Boston Music Hall

Eyes fans- you don't want to miss this one. Unique & elongated intro jam played at a very brisk tempo, really nice mix too. Blows my mind how many times they absolutely nailed this song.
Eyes Of The World
Feb. 3, 1978
Dane County Coliseum

I think this is a serious top 5 contender for me if not top 3. The intro as stated above is absolutely ethereal, but what makes this version for me is Garcia completely taking off out of nowhere at 11:18 into some beautiful melodic chords, then 20 seconds later returning with even more beautifully accented scorching lead work. This version will knock your socks off folks!!!!!
Eyes Of The World
July 8, 1978
Red Rocks Amphitheatre

The melodic chord strumming Jerry started doing post hiatus in the second half of the song is a little janky here (see 9/3/77 or 2/3/78 for a good example of this if you're unsure of what I'm talking about) which is probably the only reason it isn't higher on here. The first two solo breaks however are absolutely phenomenal, and the vocal delivery from Jer is particularly unique in this rendition. This is way underrated and is mandatory listening for this song IMO. Added to the long, long list of breathtaking eyes performances. Pure Garcia man
Eyes Of The World
Nov. 30, 1973
Boston Music Hall

This should be top 5 EASILY, and that's saying a lot for a song like eyes. That second break is no joke, everyone is going nuts. Listen for Godchaux. Update: This is now in contention for my #1- if you want an eyes where the whole band is on fire and not just Jerry, this is the one for you. Keith, Bobby, Phil & Kreutzmann all have moments on this one that will floor you. Jerry's a flamethrower here as well