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I'm All Ears



June 21, 1976
Tower Theater

Ideal June '76 Cassidy


China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
March 28, 1984
Marin County Veterans Auditorium

Nice woozy effecs from Brent during China Cat. Very loose transitional jam lacking the usual climax but Jerry more than makes up for it during Rider with a heavy "headlight" verse and shaggy yet thrilling closing jam.
Cold Rain and Snow
Dec. 17, 1970
The Matrix

This is just a monster. I agree that the correct date is 10/4/70 but the best recording of this Cold Rain & Snow is mislabeled 12/17/70. Archive SHN ID #87356
Cold Rain and Snow
Oct. 12, 1983
Madison Square Garden

Super high energy, with Jerry playing a crazy banjo-like rhythmic strum throughout much of the song. Brent's organ sounds great, and they wrap it up with an absolutely devastating vocal chorus. Easily the best of the '80s and arguably the best ever.
Cold Rain and Snow
Oct. 12, 1984
Augusta Civic Center

It's good, but the fact is, this isn't even the best version from 1984 - that honor goes to 4/20/84. There are so many killer versions of this tune, and this one's good, but not deserving of its #1 status.
Cold Rain and Snow
Aug. 25, 1972
Berkeley Community Theatre

Best version of '72 for sure, with Jerry's impassioned vocals and scorching guitar giving this one the edging over 5/24/72 (which is no slouch!). I think the top-ranked versions on this site are weighted heavily in favor of those performances available as official releases. If you want to find the real gems, look down the list for versions with fewer total votes but lots of comments - that's where the gold is. This version has only 6 votes but 9 comments!