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Still on t bus



Promised Land
June 10, 1973
RFK Stadium

Not my favorite song but an excellent version. Bobby rocks out.


St. Stephen
May 21, 1977
Lakeland Civic Center

Great show that hardly gets mentioned. When I was younger and thinner, I had a great tape of this show that found its way to my player and my ears many, many times. This St Stephen can't be taken on its own, it is the whole St Stephen -> NFA -> St Stephen that sizzles. Just now, I meant to put on May 9, Buffalo and accidentally put on Lakeland, and I am not disappointed. Great energy and groove. Comes a Time led into this beautifully.
Cumberland Blues
May 2, 1970
Harpur College

Taken together, Candyman-> Cumberland must be the best of each. I think the only reason they aren’t is that Candyman is so short. This one is still the best, IMO.
Tennessee Jed
Jan. 22, 1978
McArthur Court, U of Oregon

Very peppy. I have never understood why so many dislike this song. Not their best but still fun. I prefer to hear this than Sugar Magnolia yet again. This version is definitely top notch, better than most.
Estimated Prophet
May 21, 1977
Lakeland Civic Center

@snagglepuss. Cracking me up. I agree that this is a better show. One of my favorites. This, Englishtown, Swing, Buffalo War Memorial .... I love Cornell too but this is better. Whichever way you see it, these shows all rock. Thank God I can listen to them all and don’t have to choose only one. One of my friends said Veneta is the best, I need to go kick his ass.
Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodeloo
Sept. 3, 1977
Raceway Park

This is the point in the show where the insanity that is the second set first seems to be a possibility. Amazing.