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If The Shoe Fits
Dec. 11, 1994
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Stadium

Very Crisp, great recording, good version.
Might As Well
Oct. 11, 1984
Civic Center

Had to add this one from my personal favorite memories, after Jerry’s belting out, “Take that ride Again” just slams into his solo, many many highligh
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
March 27, 1989
The Omni

The last Scarlet>Fire>Estimated>Eyes combo, the final Fire vocals are very nice, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire…
Ramble On Rose
Dec. 30, 1983
Civic Auditorium

Had to add this version just for the “The Grass Ain’t Greener, the Wine Ain’t Sweeter…” line. Probably the best version I saw live. Give it a listen.
Spanish Jam
March 29, 1984
Marin County Veterans Auditorium

Rivals ANY version from the 80' s, give it a listen. Space-Spanish Jam- The Other One, it ROCKS


Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
Sept. 6, 1983
Red Rocks Amphitheatre

This Help>Slipknot! > Franklins is the best I saw in 83’ the break-out year. Overall it was a great show, my first at Red Rocks and probably the best show I saw that summer tour. The Slipknot! really shines, Weir has some amazing chord structures, it kind of has three different jams at least feels at the 6 minute mark or so Jerry finds a very cool rift, up and down the scales and then Weir at the finish is astonishing. Check it out, If you love Slipknot and I know you do, this version absolutely needs more votes.
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
April 26, 1983
The Spectrum

The last of 5 Help>Slip>Franklins I heard in the Spring of 83, this one is my favorite. Overall it was a great show, my 100 on tour and probably the best Spectrum show I saw, The into to Help is not as crisp as Hampton, but the Sliptknot! really shines. Check it out, this version needs more votes.
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
Oct. 8, 1989
Hampton Coliseum

Another large bust-out at Hampton, these Warlock shows were pretty amazing, the crowd both nights were memorized, I like the audience tapes. Good version, not great but well played, I really like Brent’s tone and contribution and Phil is all over his 6-String.
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
April 9, 1983
Hampton Coliseum

Great version from what was the first East Coast version since 77, my first as well. A fairly large bust-out at the time, well played. Massive Phil bombs, drummers are in sync, the first of 5 Slipknots! I heard that spring.
Morning Dew
April 6, 1982
The Spectrum

Good version, closing jam builds nicely, doesn’t have the power of Portland later in the year.