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Keith's Piano



You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man
April 2, 1973
Boston Garden

Donna is hot hot hot


Uncle John's Band
April 27, 1971
Fillmore East

Absolutely fantastic. If you want the best version of the song, this is it. There's no big jam, but the song is executed to perfection, AND it sounds great because it's a multitrack. Phil's harmony on "like the wind you go" is wonderful - buy that man a Heineken. Oh, you did? What's that, he got what? Oh hooked on them, I see....... No seriously, this is the Dead's finest version.
The Music Never Stopped
Oct. 16, 1977
Louisiana State U

To Grendel you listen. And Beerpong. Donna hits the ethosphere on this song. "Greeee-eeeet the morning air and song...." What I don't see commented on much, is the 3:45 - 5:45 minute mark jam that I first heard tell of on 4/24/78. It's here too. They don't nail it every time, and never quite as good as 4/24/78, but this one is close. They just plain hadn't developed it until around Fall '77. This is the earliest version I've heard it on.
The Music Never Stopped
Sept. 3, 1977
Raceway Park

Absolutely electronic. You can smell the charge in the air when Donna steps up to the mic to deliver "there's a band out on the highway..." Not my favorite version, but one of my favorite moments. Top 5.
Dark Star
Sept. 21, 1972
The Spectrum

Only thing better than a '72 Dark Star is a new '72 Dark Star.... But really, if you think this is better than Veneta (or any other), you have to stop it at Mind Left Body and then decide. Heck, MLB is a completely separate track on some releases.
Blow Away
Aug. 27, 1972
Old Renaissance Faire Grounds

Best pre-hiatus version EVER!!! Keith tears through this like a ghinzu knife commercial. Tempo is slowed down just enough to get them in that "chocolate groove".