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The Historian



Aug. 16, 1980
Mississippi River Festival

It’s raining but the Grateful Dead are playing Deal as if their life depended on it. The hot electric leads from Garcia set everyone on fire.
March 29, 1987
The Spectrum

Garcia pierces the ears and sets on fire the sold out Philly Spectrum on HOT post coma East Coast comeback tour. This Bertha is HOTT
March 5, 1981
Stanley Theater

Weir and band start jamming on Scarlet, but Garcia's guitar is broke, so then Weir launches into Passenger, Garcia shows up half way through. Jazzy!
He's Gone
June 10, 1984
Cal Expo

Phil transforms this song with heavy metal machine gun bass playing.He's bounding over the structure of the song, bouncing off the walls.......quality
He's Gone
Oct. 1, 1989
Shoreline Amphitheatre

Elves tie up the band and finish the ending chant in this powerful yet overlooked version. The elves sing happily, He's Gone.....over and over


Stagger Lee
Oct. 28, 1985
Fox Theater

Stagger Lee isn't played on 10/28/85
Never Trust A Woman
Aug. 28, 1981
Long Beach Arena

What makes this version so good is the unique extended psychedelic jams before and after this often over looked tune. The band is playing very well here.
Greatest Story Ever Told
Feb. 17, 1979
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Much better than average! this one has Weir growling the song while Phil ferociously keeps the bass pumping and Garcia squealing out leads. Maybe they were happy that this was Keith and Donnas last show?
The Music Never Stopped
May 2, 1980
Hampton Coliseum

teenagers are known for being full of energy, brash, and immature. So is this Music. It's a young one, but over the top as Weir and Garcia have not one, but two finales where they compete for the scrubbing guitars award. Hot to trot!
Childhood's End
July 20, 1994
Deer Creek Music Center

I love this Childhoods End. Its a real poignant tune and on this occasion, I can feel the warm Indiana sun and the breeze through the corn crops when Phil sings this tune. Jerry's real fragile, and it takes me places when I listen.