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The Historian



He's Gone
Aug. 30, 1981
Compton Terrace Amphitheatre

out of He's Gone, the band in unison carefully and slowly knit a tapestry featuring beautiful and delicate adornments...the Other One tries to emerge.
Not Fade Away
April 12, 1983
Broome County Arena

never mind the crushing Phil Bombs; this is the birth of the Not Fade Away call and response, where the X-factor emerged as a hot, bright sun.....
Throwing Stones
March 31, 1983
Warfield Theatre

At your next cocktail party, skip your routine pick up line and instead say,"Remember when Garcia opened up the 'fashion' riff to start off? Hot one.
Throwing Stones
March 27, 1983
Irvine Meadows

Emerging from space, the Psychonauts discover a bright blue planet, spinning free. As they fall to this planet, an inspired jam envelopes them.
July 30, 1983
Ventura County Fairgrounds

During this Sugaree, that cranky old beast, The Grateful Dead, wakes up and starts churning, eating all the energy from the crowd, and fire emerges.


Oct. 8, 1983
Richmond Coliseum

Great Deal from a great show and a great tour. I love Fall 1983
Playin' In The Band
Nov. 30, 1980
Fox Theatre

I’ve been listening to PITB heavily again. I prefer the 72-74 versions. But this one is the rare post 74 versions I really like. Played along with this one on my guitar and I really appreciate the space they fall into right before drums takes over. Wonderful version and you forget what year it is!
Brown Eyed Women
Aug. 24, 1980
Grand Center

Yes, this has some spirit.
Estimated Prophet
Nov. 13, 1987
Long Beach Arena

I think 1987 is generally a tame year as Garcia and the band find their footing after the previous year. This Estimated is not tame though; it has rage and energy bubbling beneath the surface trickling out little by little and then exploding in a hot jam and Weir screaming down thunder and lightning from Mt. Sinai. Very interesting and hot Estimated Prophet.
Don't Need Love
June 10, 1984
Cal Expo

This is my favorite of the few performed. Not technically perfect, but it has a spirit and soul, especially out of the surprisingly hot jam from He's Gone and its spirited outro.