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Just A Little Light
July 4, 1990
Sandstone Amphitheatre

This version is extremely delicate yet powerful. Brent is soulful a usual, while Jerry really goes to outer space with his fluttery lead lines.
May 30, 1992
Sam Boyd Silver Bowl

Very tight version, with a SUPER climax. Phil will rattle your teeth with this bomb! One of the best peaks
The Wheel
June 29, 1984
Blossom Music Center

Jerry's intro on this Wheel rivals Kincerbocker 1990. Just beautiful...
April 3, 1991
The Omni

A standout version from one of the best first sets of the 1990s
Row Jimmy
Oct. 30, 1990
Wembley Arena

Very mellow, deep version here. Old man Jerry doing his best. Hornsby adds a lot too


China Doll
Dec. 6, 1992
Knickerbocker Arena

Seriously this is a very beautiful, emotional China Doll. A must listen
Terrapin Station
Nov. 1, 1977
Cobo Arena

Wow how is this not ranked in the Top 5? Amazing Terrapin here.
The Other One
July 25, 1972
Paramount Theater

The jam passage in the middle of this make it truly unique, and one of the best pieces of improvisational jamming during one of their strongest years. With hints of what sounds like the Weather Report intro and GDTRFB, St. Stephen and even Samson...it’s an amazing thing.
Bird Song
June 2, 1995
Shoreline Amphitheatre

Total brain-fry meltdown! Amazing gem from an admittedly rough year.
Brokedown Palace
March 25, 1986
The Spectrum

If you want a version where Jerry's voice is cracked with sorrow, loneliness, wisdom, and heart wrenching emotion...well here you go. Try not to cry.