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Wharf Rat
Dec. 7, 1979
Indiana Convention Center

Want a deep, heavy, convincingly powerful and authentic Wharf Rat? I usually find those in '84...but here is one that lets you partake in the journey.
New Minglewood Blues
Sept. 2, 1983
Boise Pavilion - Boise State University

Beyond HOT! This version cooks so darn hard...
To Lay Me Down
April 11, 1988
Joe Louis Arena

Jerry's creaky and weathered voice make this offering from my first show one of my emotional faves.
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
June 22, 1993
Deer Creek Music Center

Phil nails it, and the crowd goes NUTS! Best one I saw live.
Row Jimmy
Feb. 12, 1989
Great Western Forum

Sick, sick, SICK Row Jimmy! Jerry can melt a heart of stone on this one.


Spanish Jam
Sept. 4, 1983
Park West Ski Resort

This 6 minute Spanish Jam features some of the best Weir/Garcia dialogue of the early ‘80s. This SBD is crystal clear. Jerry’s snaky lead runs with Bobs angular counterpoint attack is mind melting!
Cumberland Blues
Dec. 5, 1981
Market Square Arena

I LOVE the way Phil leads this one in...and how locked in they all are as they stomp this version out. A straight fire hoe-down!
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
April 1, 1984
Marin County Veterans Auditorium

Jerry just runs spider fingers all over the fretboard on this Slipknot. These ‘84 versions are amazing.
High Time
May 3, 1986
Cal Expo

This one is a real tear jerker. Some of the most soulful singing I’ve ever heard.
Brother Esau
June 10, 1984
Cal Expo

Easily one of the best. High energy and A+ execution. A good version to quiet the naysayers!!