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colorful wookie



Promised Land
Feb. 3, 1979
Market Square Arena

Quality unleashed via Miller upgrade at 1 min/ PL on through train ticket
New Minglewood Blues
Jan. 5, 1979
The Spectrum

Some say the slide guitar is crazy, some say it ain’t
Uncle John's Band
Dec. 31, 1987
Oakland Coliseum Arena

One of many highlights this eve...
Lazy Lightnin' -> Supplication
Feb. 4, 1979
Dane County Coliseum

A great outing!
Sitting on Top of the World
June 7, 1970
Fillmore West

Drummers drivin' this peppy outburst


Dark Star
June 14, 1969
Monterey Performing Arts Center

Not that I need one, but I'll use your comment as an excuse to listen to it again...
Cumberland Blues
Nov. 15, 1972
Oklahoma City Music Hall

Pass the bug juice...
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Nov. 24, 1979
Golden Hall, Community Concourse

Fairly monstrous, this one is. Jerry painting the transition environment, first a bit like 3/9/81, then Phil landing some serious blows, with drummers punching holes throughout. Interestingly, that structured round-up piece that marks most versions isn’t reached, instead the continued swell moves into a different type of frenzy. Usual fat break after wild geese verse, but then after the sun will shine verse, the chorus is returned to. After the next juicy break, the northbound, bass-fueled, train arrives, again followed by the chorus, leaving yet another opportunity for Jerry to baste this thing -- in this instance with pointed power strumming -- until its well-cooked.
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Feb. 5, 1978
Uni Dome, U of Northern Iowa

What a magic sleigh ride!
Oct. 16, 1977
Louisiana State U