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colorful wookie



Promised Land
Oct. 28, 1977
Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Hall

Embodies that deliberate, fluid ’77 lilt, upon which some fanning ignites the runout
I Need A Miracle
Nov. 2, 1979
Nassau Coliseum

Late ’79 EC energy, tumbles into a Bertha that
Nov. 2, 1979
Nassau Coliseum

Rambles and rumbles along with the exuberant, teaming masses
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
March 28, 1993
Knickerbocker Arena

Another heartfelt rendition (4th to last)
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
April 5, 1971
Manhattan Center

More '71 vitamins...


March 24, 1990
Knickerbocker Arena

I can see where not being in the room might compromise appreciation, even though I was fortunate to have been there. But that solo is a prime example of how that x-factor is always right there, waiting just below the surface, ready to sneak up on you before you know it -- bursting forth to grab everyone’s attention and turning that place into one. This is the passage into another dimension that kept us coming back… and even if you didn’t hitchhike across the country eating PB&Js you can understand why. And of course the whole show is great – another special engagement in the privileged experience of having your mind blown so many times you’ve happily lost track.
Jack Straw
April 17, 1972
Tivolis Koncertsal

Right on... check Phil's response to Keith's run at 3:40 :)
Lost Sailor -> Saint of Circumstance
Nov. 2, 1979
Nassau Coliseum

Stunning power jam chaser - sounds like they’re going to reprise the Saint crescendo/ return
Sugar Magnolia
Dec. 31, 1972
Winterland Arena

Huge wave on this one. Inexplicably buried in this list. Pounces almost as hard as the blowout on 2/9.
Don't Ease Me In
Oct. 19, 1973
Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Arena

Raucous, bursting at the seams.