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Dead on arrival



Nov. 8, 1979
Capitol Center

Brent contributes a lot to this brief, beautiful, disturbing Space.
U.S. Blues (Wave That Flag)
Nov. 4, 1979
Civic Center

"I been hanging out in THIS rock 'n roll band." Now we know.
Around and Around
Aug. 31, 1979
Glenns Falls Civic Center

It's hard to say exactly why this version of this tune that no one thinks about too much is heady, but it really, really is
The Music Never Stopped
Aug. 14, 1979
McNichols Arena

Builds to a phenomenal peak. Weir and Jerry are on it.
Big River
Aug. 13, 1979
McNichols Arena

Are you kidding? This is one of the best Big Rivers I've heard. Phil, Jerry, what else can I say? Crank it up


Ramble On Rose
Dec. 3, 1979
Uptown Theatre

Bobby plays great and Jerry's vocals are deep and emotional. Who knew Jack was a river?
Lost Sailor -> Saint of Circumstance
Dec. 11, 1979
Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall

I love the slow jam into SOC, which is unique and maybe even a better way to play the tune. And the Estimated jam after is sick.
Terrapin Station
Nov. 30, 1979
Stanley Theater

Love the extra long solo in Lady With a Fan. Drummers sound great throughout. This version has a deep, drowsy, hypnotic feel. Needs more than 2 votes.
Black Peter
Nov. 29, 1979
Cleveland Public Hall

Jerry's playing is better at this show than even four days before, like he's finally getting used to Tiger. Listen to the control and emotion in the solo.
Franklin's Tower
Nov. 9, 1979
Memorial Auditorium

The end of this is outrageous