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Wharf Rat
Oct. 9, 1972
Winterland Arena

Whoa, I can't believe this hasn't been submitted. Great vocal and four minutes of sublime outro solo. Check it out!
Aug. 13, 1968
Pacific Recording

The studio jam version from the expanded Aoxomoxoa release
Big Boss Man
Aug. 14, 1971
Berkeley Community Theater

just listen to Jerry and Phil. twang city in the intro, perfect Pig vocal
Casey Jones
Aug. 15, 1971
Berkeley Community Theater

Phil is high in the mix. One of the best '71 versions, I believe.
Me and My Uncle
May 30, 1971
Winterland Arena

Another fine 71 effort with very good sound and Phil high in the mix


Dark Star
June 24, 1970
Capitol Theatre

The glass is not half empty, it is half full. We should be thankful that the Lee's did such a good job of capturing this wonderful show. This is sort of a crazy DS. I mean, didn't they already do Attics in the first set, then there's this sort of proto-Magnolia thing, followed by abruptly lurching into China Cat. There's something very strange about Port Chester; if I were some New Age dude I'd be spouting off about vortices or something, but this place often brought out not just the best, but the unusual with the Dead.
Hurts Me Too
April 24, 1972

This may also be the longest.
The Other One
Sept. 17, 1972
Baltimore Civic Center

I'm not sure if I'd be ecstatic around the middle of this beast with a head full of acid; it's scary enough without. But what I find interesting is just after, when they become an avant-garde jazz band. It's on the verge of incoherence but still swinging. Whew! What a workout for Billy! Then about 3/4 the way through it calms down and we're back from our intergalactic excursion and Keith decides to take us into an entirely new jazz vibe. JG and BW step back. Then Bobby can't help joining in. Did JG have to go pee? He's back at the 35 min mark with some very tasty licks. You know, I am not a fan of really long OO's, PITB's, and DS's unless they do something special. This is special.
Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodeloo
Sept. 17, 1972
Baltimore Civic Center

You're kidding, right? The vocals are pretty bad and Jerry makes some real blunders there.
Brokedown Palace
Aug. 14, 1971
Berkeley Community Theater

This is a very good show, and this stands out for sure. At least 8 heady ones here for me.