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Me and My Uncle
May 30, 1971
Winterland Arena

Another fine 71 effort with very good sound and Phil high in the mix
Big Boss Man
May 30, 1971
Winterland Arena

We need a Winterland version, don't we?
Cumberland Blues
Aug. 7, 1971
Golden Hall

Jerry rips; classic summer 71
Aug. 5, 1971
Hollywood Palladium

A laid back one. Phil's bass and Billy in the groove.
June 8, 1977
Winterland Arena

Everyone is on for this one. Great vocals, even by Donna. Why isn't this getting any love?


Playin' In The Band
Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

As travisb points out, the playing here is so tight as to suggest it had been rehearsed. However, the Dead typically played 70 to 80 shows per year, so what need is there for that? I really like what's going on after they transition out of The Wheel. No Donna wailing when going back into PITB, too. One of about the 20 shows that I attended; we were pretty close to the stage, I remember. I was broke and looking for a job right then, but I made this happen. Priorities, you know...
Comes A Time
Oct. 30, 1971
Taft Auditorium

Good call on this one. Jerry's vocal is clear and prominent in the mix, and it's one of his best performances. Added bonus is Phil's bass. Listen to the Bill Guernari on the archive for the best experience. Sweet.
Me and My Uncle
Feb. 18, 1971
Capitol Theater

Better than 8/6, but still not as good as 8/14 in Berkeley. This is another case of a tune being upvoted because it's part of a PITB, DS, or O1 sequence. Or because it was a highly traded show.
Me and My Uncle
Aug. 6, 1971
Hollywood Palladium

I'm sorry, but please listen to 8/14 and compare Jerry's work on the two. This one seems to get the nod since it's embedded in the O1. But the Berkeley is better by far.
Uncle John's Band
May 30, 1971
Winterland Arena

I really like that solo, and this whole second set has a distinctly country rock feel to it. If only Bob could rein in his screeches on Truckin' and Sugar Mag, this would make a nice disc, (or two-disc set if you include the first night).