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feel good



Good Lovin'
Oct. 31, 1980
Radio City Music Hall

Bob goes for it in the rap and Garcia smiles a bit. A fun latter day version, though it never jams out like mad. Video of it here! https://www.youtube
U.S. Blues (Wave That Flag)
July 31, 1974
Dillon Stadium

A scorcher, love the energy on this one, really swingin'!
One More Saturday Night
April 21, 1972
Beat Club

So, so tight! Holy shit! Spontanius combustion in the later half of this, my god. The video only makes it better!
Turn On Your Love Light
Nov. 15, 1969
Lanai Theater

Downright TRIBAL! If this had better sound quality it would be considered one of the best of '69. Helluva ride, clocking in at 42 minutes. Spin it!
Good Lovin'
Nov. 15, 1969
Lanai Theater

Embryonic Good Lovin', but fascinating thinking of how Good Lovin' transformed over the next two years.


Black Throated Wind
Sept. 21, 1972
The Spectrum

I agree gwelch, this is note-perfect, and always sets the mood. Bobs voice isn't too bad here either.
Midnight Hour
Sept. 3, 1967
Dance Hall

What i would do to listen to this live.
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Feb. 14, 1968
Carousel Ballroom

Tight and controlled, '68 was too good for words
Morning Dew
April 20, 1984
Philadelphia Civic Center

For this one, i'd go with the AUD. When the crowd realises it's the Dew, they cheer; and it's beautiful.
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Aug. 24, 1968
Shrine Auditorium

Love the slowing down in tempo from a raging Eleven. The echo of the Shrine Auditorium really makes each notes of Jerrys guitar sting you. But in a good way.