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Nov. 6, 1979
The Spectrum

Strong Phil and great vocals version. Just so tight throughout. Triumphant version as the pre-end-jam-era versions go.
June 24, 1984
Saratoga Performing Arts Center

The band builds it up beautifully to the "Won't you tell everyone you meet" verse.
Row Jimmy
April 27, 1984
Providence Civic Center

The forgotten Providence show. Beautiful.
One More Saturday Night
Sept. 12, 1981
Greek Theater

Super tight and extremely rocking.
Not Fade Away
Sept. 12, 1981
Greek Theater

Love this one. Extended intro with heavy jamming throughout.


Foolish Heart
July 2, 1988
Oxford Plains Speedway

Brent on this outro jam. Wowzee.
Take A Step Back
Oct. 20, 1984
Carrier Dome, Syracuse U

Haha I can't believe I'm commenting on "take a step back" but this one here is where Bobby is downright angry about how things are going with the crowd.
Smokestack Lightnin'
Oct. 20, 1984
Carrier Dome, Syracuse U

Somewhat short but very well played SS. The jam out this real nice and showed what the boys were capable of in '84. Sort of jazzy bluesy spacey rock then add in the synth that Brent brought to the mix. Fall '84 was tight with some of the more competant playing from the band.
Morning Dew
Nov. 8, 1979
Capitol Center

P H I L! Wowsa.The only other more Phil-chord-bombed version I can think of his Freedom '74.
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
April 23, 1977
Springfield Civic Center

Welcome to the most fanned out Franklin's ever people. Also agree with the level of space in this Slipknot. It really takes on a musical life of its own.