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Wild & Wooly



Playin' In The Band
Sept. 12, 1982
Lakeland Civic Center

This is a Killer 82 PITB! Come on people now! Smile on your brother! Everbody get together try to love somebody right now!!!
Big River
June 10, 1976
Boston Music Hall

Super up tempo and thoroughly rocking Big River, can't even believe it hasn't been posted yet. CHECK THIS SHOW!!!
Jack Straw
Jan. 10, 1978
Shrine Auditorium

2nd set opener - Solid version with that slick 78 sound...
Samson and Delilah
Oct. 10, 1980
Warfield Theater

I can't believe the Samson from Dead Set isn't listed, it's such a unique version with a vibe I've never heard in any other Samson!


Row Jimmy
Jan. 22, 1978
McArthur Court, U of Oregon

They do Row Jimmy justice on this night my friends! They nail the tender and dreamy aspects of the song beautifully...
Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodeloo
May 12, 1974
University of Nevada

Holy Fucknuts Batman this is an amazing interpretation...It's total Balls and Beavers...
Estimated Prophet
May 21, 1977
Lakeland Civic Center

I agree...my buddy said 'Barton Hall' and I cut him with my pocket knife!!!
Big River
May 9, 1977
War Memorial

This person right above me that said this big river doesn't hold a candle to 8/13/75 must've been shaken as a baby, OVERRATED? are you fucking kidding me? It's balls to the wall long and never let's up!!! O and it's totally UNSANE!!!!
June 21, 1989
Shoreline Amphitheatre

Oh ma Gawd this Deal is heavy headed fuel high octane to the max it is TOTALLY UNSANE!!!