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Wild & Wooly



Playin' In The Band
Sept. 12, 1982
Lakeland Civic Center

This is a Killer 82 PITB! Come on people now! Smile on your brother! Everbody get together try to love somebody right now!!!
Big River
June 10, 1976
Boston Music Hall

Super up tempo and thoroughly rocking Big River, can't even believe it hasn't been posted yet. CHECK THIS SHOW!!!
Jack Straw
Jan. 10, 1978
Shrine Auditorium

2nd set opener - Solid version with that slick 78 sound...
Samson and Delilah
Oct. 10, 1980
Warfield Theater

I can't believe the Samson from Dead Set isn't listed, it's such a unique version with a vibe I've never heard in any other Samson!


Playin' In The Band
June 22, 1973
Pacific Coliseum

Flat out some of the strongest most creative jamming the Dead has ever laid down! It's just a flat out musical miracle...
Bird Song
March 7, 1981
Cole Field House

I've read that Jerry's heroin wore off by the 2nd set of this show and he was dope sick for the whole 2nd set but he was feeling good enough in the 1st to pull out a masterful performance. The next shows were the 2 INSANE MSG shows, 3/9 and 3/10 so my guess is that Jerry did the last of whatever H he had as close to showtime and then 're-upped' in NYC the next day cuz those msg shows are legends. Heroin Sucks!
Crazy Fingers
Sept. 15, 1982
Capital Centre

it's a crime that this CF only has 4 votes! It's INCREDIBLE!!!
Sept. 11, 1982
West Palm Beach Auditorium

Funny how they didn't play Althea in West Palm on this night but it STILL got 5 votes!!!
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
July 17, 1989
Alpine Valley Music Theatre

Yes this is an amazing C>R, but I think it's uber high position on this list has at least a little to do with this show being an official VIDEO release, and Jer was so animated and the band was on fire, so I'm not saying it's not deserving of being #4 at the moment, I'm just saying that other great China>Riders of 89 were pretty close to this one, like the Great Western Forum 12/10/89...