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Samson and Delilah
March 15, 1990
Capital Centre

Unbelievable that this wasn't already up here. Legendary show, this Samson nothing to scoff at. Good god almighty
Maggie's Farm
June 7, 1991
Deer Creek Music Center

Coming out of MAMU, builds to a nice pace with that classic "rainbow full of sound" feeling
The Other One
July 12, 1987
Giants Stadium

Coming out of space, into Stella, classic pairing going into and out of The Other One. They take their sweet time getting there, this is a spacey one
The Other One
April 2, 1990
The Omni

Comes out of a weird but not too weird space, going into the last death don't have no mercy. Lots of midi, to be expected, but still pretty decent.
El Paso
May 19, 1974
Portland Memorial Coliseum

Basically an instrumental, as many have noticed, the vocals are shot for a good portion of the first set


July 31, 1982
Manor Downs

Sloppy entrance into the jam, but Jerry does make up for it. It's pretty decent, but I wouldn't make the case for top 5. I kinda screwed myself by listening to the Tangled Up in Blue from 3/7/82 right before this which got me fiending for '82 dead. Jer's playing a nursery rhyme here by comparison, but still decent
Feel Like A Stranger
May 1, 1981
Hampton Coliseum

Ds67, love that someone is dropping in jgb gems in the comments, I wish they'd have a section for that. Kinda curious though, which lonesome and a long way do you prefer more, the one you linked or the one off of Pure Jerry: Bay Area 1978? I'm a little partial to the latter, but only cause I heard it first and it was such an earworm. I can't remember the date for it but I'm pretty sure it's the same show as the Mystery Train and Catfish John off that release, both are also great renditions, jer is a liiiitle high in right channel on the train but he is cooking Now, I've been on the hunt for a few weeks now for the headiest Stranger out there and this is giving 10/12/84 a run for it's money in my book, sheesh. I wanna check out the AUD before I can make up my mind though, I've only heard the sbd
Let It Grow
May 1, 1981
Hampton Coliseum

Personally, I think there are better '77 versions of Let It Grow than the DeKalb one that stands at #1 currently. This one, however, stands miles above all of those. Jerry channels Zeus for this, Jesus H. Christ, he's on, they all are. While I love the 3/14/90 LIG, Jer does make the jump to MIDI halfway in the jam. On this night, it's pure Tiger and as has been noted, he doesn't miss a beat. If this had the exposure of some of the other versions on this site, there's no question where it would sit. I always find the top 5, of any song, is often not entirely accurate, most of the "top" versions are releases, or Cornell or Veneta. At any rate, this is liquid gold and hopefully the show gets a much-deserved release.
Samson and Delilah
June 21, 1980
West High Auditorium

Absolutely rippin', this show deserves a release, so many absolutely amazing versions throughout. The energy is phenomenal. On the summer solstice in a high school auditorium in Alaska, unbelievable
Around and Around
June 23, 1974
Jai-Alai Fronton

Amazing stuff. Definitely one of the versions I'd look to in search of a "best" version. The one that converted me to the song is 3/18/77 so I hold that as my gold standard, but this ain't too far behind