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I got on



Uncle John's Band
March 17, 1991
Capital Centre

I know they didn't play it 3/17 but the 3/18 version is worth a listen... but if try to submit it, it sys its there already... but it ain't
Aiko Aiko
Oct. 12, 1977
Manor Downs

This is the third time they played it and it's '77 solid. This whole show deserves more attention. If you haven't listen, you should.
Sept. 29, 1977
Paramount Theatre

Slow to get going, not error free, but once they get that momentum going it's worth the mention. At least listen from 7:30 on to give it a chance.
Me and My Uncle
Feb. 13, 1970
Fillmore East

If you can take Bobby seriously as a cowboy then this version is for you.


Black Peter
Oct. 12, 1977
Manor Downs

There were over 100 versions in the 70s and you say the best of the 70s... yeah, it could be. The last four minutes Jerry takes me to another dimension.
Black Peter
March 8, 1970
Star Theatre

Was listening on March 8th because of the date connection. This version is a beautiful nugget of gold. While I'm commenting, be sure to check out the Manor Downs version from 77.
All New Minglewood Blues
July 10, 1987
JFK Stadium

yeah the video brought me here... https://youtu.be/vGhMdhdDIlM but this was hard to find - only under all new minglewood for unobvious reasons.
April 22, 1977
The Spectrum

I am listening to 4/22 as I work my way through 77 for a second time during the pandemic... and thought the same thing - this show has not gotten the attention it deserves.
June 20, 1980
West High Auditorium

Someone just commented on the FOTD from this show and it's ok, but then I tried the Althea. This doesn't have the high highs of some of the top versions, but it is a smooth and satisfying version, and reflects Jerry's mood on 6-20-80 and I can dig that.